5 Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine | Review & Buyer's Guide
Saturday , December 15 2018
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Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

5 Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine | Review & Buyer’s Guide

You are using your sewing machine very frequently and suddenly you realized that your machine smells like a burnt plastic while you are sewing or there is a horrible sounds come with every press of the foot pedal and it is the time to replace your sewing machine. The burning smell and the sound of your machine are signaling you that your machine has been overused. As a sewer, I must say it is a worse nightmare when the machine is damaged just because you have been using it too much. If you are a heavy duty sewer then you should upgrade to a new or perhaps the best heavy duty sewing machine available in the market. The heavy duty sewing machines are specially designed for those professionals who need to stitch on heavier fabrics regularly and it must be a perfect option for professionals.

Compared to other sewing machines best heavy duty sewing machines are completely different in the process. If you are going to cover some large projects you may need a heavy duty sewing machine because it may contain a variety of creation compared to the corresponding item.

Besides, it will be required minor maintenance with the time if it keeps up rough handling. Now maybe you are thinking what would be the best heavy duty sewing machine? I can share my personal experience while I was looking for a heavy duty sewing machine. I had plenty of large projects to finish but I didn’t dare to start them because I didn’t have a heavy duty sewing machine. Then I had a close look on these machines for a quite long time and I gathered some knowledge on this topic.

After hours of in-depth individual research and experience, together with heaps and heaps of opinions and reviews from hundreds of hands-on users of these sewing machines, we have implemented a buyer’s guide with reviews of the 5 best heavy duty sewing machines in the market available now. It will help you to decide which one is best for you.


5 Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machines Review and Product Specs Chart



How we pick the best 5

Our team of examiner picked around 25 models of sewing machines and heavy duty sewing machines. they have tested themselves more than a year for a better result. We looked all of them very closely to make a best sewing machine list though it was not an easy task. All 25 machines were not perfect but we can consider some of them are best to compare to others. We have tested how frequently they can work and how well they are equipped. We also noticed their sewing speed, maximum stitches per minute, built in stitches, foot pressure adjustment, buttonholes and needle threader, customers’ reviews and some more important features.


1. SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

TSinger 4423 heavy duty Sewing Machinehe Singer 4423 is lightweight money worthy sewing machine. This machine is perfect for professionals and beginners as well. It has the heavy-duty metal body with an extra high-speed machine and can produce maximum 100 stitches per minute which are really incredible for any sewing machine.

It is easily portable because its weight is just 14.5 lbs. For the easiness of transportation, it has a compact structure that makes the machine ideal for its workplace. Maybe you are thinking that the machine is lightweight so you might need to struggle to produce regular stitches. Though there is not that kind of problem with this sewing machine. Even the sewers always enjoy the smooth fabric feeding.

The Singer 4423 is easy to manage for a number of good reasons. It is completely mechanical machine among all the computerized machines so don’t need to be worried while working on it. This is correct mainly for technologically incompetent people. The dial knob permits users to easily adjust the stitches. Moreover, the automatic needle threader helps you to save your amounts of time.

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It has a completely automatic 1-step buttonhole as you can make fashionable buttonholes without any hassle. You know that sometimes simplicity can be more efficient than a complex one. For this machine you only need is to push down the lever to activate the threader. If you are a quite skilled sewer then there will be no difficulties while you are using the machine.

It is extremely strong and well-built machine which runs without any noise. It comes with 23 built-in stitches which can assist you to work on almost any type of projects you want. If you buy this machine some accessories are included such as zipper foot, a ling brush, soft dust cover and many more.


  • The automatic needle threader saves the amount of time.
  • Low priced lightweight machine
  • 25 years limited warranty
  • Extra high-speed stitches per minute


  • Low light bulb

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2. SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing MachineThe Singer 4411 is really a heavy duty machine and it can stitch almost everything you want including leather, denim, satin, and some other similar materials. It has a stylish ancient body and it is delighted with a piece of red and white all through its exterior. You can place it nearly everywhere and it won’t consider out of place. This machine can produce 1100 stitches per minute. This feature can make this machine ideal for professionals who have to sew a big quantity of large projects every day.

The 4411 is actually a heavy duty sewing machine that comes with a strong metal frame. It also has a stainless steel bed that makes the machine long-lasting. In spite of having such a heavy-duty construction, generally, the weight of this machine is not more than 14.5lbs.

Heavy duty machines are one of the best sewing machines in the current market because of its amazing features. Anyone can run this machine with their feet because it has an adjustable foot pressure control. You just need to press or release it and the machine can sew any clothes including lightweight and heavyweight fabrics.

This machine is easy to use, especially for mid-level and advanced users. It is fully mechanical and ideal for those people who are not familiar with the computerized models. Since the auto-threader needs small effort from the user’s side, the machine may be not perfect for entry-level sewers. However, it is great for someone else.

The strength of this machine makes it very quiet in spite of having a powerful motor. It comes with a great storage box to hold its necessary accessories. Compare to another model it has huge durability. This machine will take all your stresses and all sewing pressures off to make your practice more pleasant. We think it can be one of the best sewing machines for beginners.



  • You will be able to work almost all kind of fabrics
  • It is a strong and durable machine along with its stainless steel bedplate
  • Maximum number of stitches 1100 per minute
  • It is fully mechanical so easy to use for all.


  • The needles quality is not high enough

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3. Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

You are struggling to find an affordable sewing machine that you don’t need to compromise with its quality in terms of long use, right? Don’t worry I am here to help you to choose your perfect sewing machine.

There are various machines that say they are the best in the market but in reality, these are just marketing policies to pull you to buy the machine. The Janome HD1000 is such a machine that can work all the way through any type of fabric without any mistakes, so far it is doing extremely well with the large projects.

It is not like most of the heavy-duty machines which will be made out of metal parts, the HD1000 has plastic parts and an aluminum body that makes it weighs an excellent 22 pounds. The stitch speed is maximum 840 stitches per speed range that can be quite low for expert’s sewers but they can find a bit more by adding some money. But it can be good for beginners they can explore their skills of sewing projects which may need heavy fabric.

The Janome HD1000 has excellent features with 14 built-in stitches including utility stitches, stretches and 4 step buttonholes which makes the machine ease of use.It also comes with a built-in automatic needle threader which makes the work more easy and good for beginners.

In the case of the Janome HD1000, This sewing machine will continue influencing through your sewing responsibilities very easily and get ready to keep working. The good thing is that it is made from cast aluminum and it is heavy enough so it won’t shake if you want to work on a thick material. It comes with some accessories including extra needles, screwdrivers, seam ripper, bobbins, felt, zipper foot, hemmer foot, buttonhole foot etc.


  • Janome HD1000 is really a heavy-duty machine with good stitch quality
  • It has 14 built-in stitches that are very good for beginners
  • This machine has a powerful motor to work with heavy fabrics with no difficulty.


  • It doesn’t have a drop in bobbin feature

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4. JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

JUKI-TL-2000Qi-Sewing-Quilting-MachineThe Juki TL-2000Qi is the best of home quilting machines. It is a bit expensive than some other machines but still less expensive for other Juki quilting machines. If you are a professional worker for quilting then this is the machine you should buy. This is a mid-range priced machine but if you buy this machine you will get top grade equipment on this budget which can help you to manage some tough task.

If you’re thinking of a top line quilting machine, Juki TL-2000Qi is the best option for you at a reasonable price. Planned to be portable though offering you heaps of room to work. It is a high-speed semi-industrial machine with wonderful stitching quality, Which is best for beginners and intermediate level sewers though it is considered as a household machine; it manages a bit more like a commercial machine.

This is commercial grade machine with the high rating so there is no doubt to buy the workhorse which can produce top quality stitching. It is also reliable and long lasting machine so advanced sewers also love the machine just because of its high-quality excellent performance. This machine also produces professional styles stitching.

Reliable Machine

This type of semi-industrial machine doesn’t come with additional automated bells and whistles. But this machine will produce commercial styles stitching from your home right away. Customer comments have exposed the trustworthiness of this commercial-grade machine to be rock-hard and we are agreeing with that. This high-end industrial-style model generates perfect stitching constantly.

This is a high-performance machine which is built to last. So the worth depends on its high-quality stitching and its strong, heavy-duty structure. It features with a powerful and fast industrial-grade motor, and this advanced-level sewing machine can achieve commercial-league stitching speeds which are maximum up to 1,500 stitches per minute so you’ll be able to get any stitching done rapidly and easily.

Your working surface will be illuminated by bright LED light so you can see properly in dark place or in a dark fabric while stitching. If you want to work with heavy fabrics you already have a complete twelve mm of lifting area to accommodate the wide material which is great for sewing various fabric layers.

While you are sewing you don’t want your eye strain so the built-in automatic needle threading system will help you to solve the problem. This model is a die-cast aluminum machine for maximum stability and it will also let the fabric to slide easily.

It has an automatic thread trimmer system which prevents wasting time trimming away the extra threads after finishing a stitch. Just stay calm and let the automatic thread trimming system do the work for you. The drop feed feature will cover you to try hand free motion quilting and stitching. You just need to do is drop the feed dogs and enjoy the free motion stitching.


  • This machine is highly strong and durable
  • sewing speed very high and time-saving
  • Perfect for free motion quilting and stitching
  • LED lights allow you to see on dark fabrics and in the dark place without having eye strains
  • Sewing speed adjustment allows you to work on multiple projects
  • Able to sew all the way through thicker and difficult materials very easily
  • the additional room gives you plenty of space to work


  • Price is little high

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5. Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine

Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine

The Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine is mainly designed to execute a selection of sewing tasks. It features with 37 built-in stitches which mean this machine can do anything starting from zigzag to blind hem, fancy to reinforcing stitching and stretch sewing.

Besides, you can make the buttonholes in just one step so you won’t need to face any problem while dealing with the button work. It also comes with an automatic needle threader that can reach collar, cuff, and sleeves easily just having a touch.


Another valuable feature of this Brother ST371HD is its user-friendly stitch selector. It has 37 built-in different stitches which are written on the front of the ST371HD with a separate number allocated to all of them. To decide any of them, a dial has been included on the right side of this part. You just need to turn around the dial before stopping it at the particular number of their anticipated stitch. Different dials are available to adjust the stitch length at the same time the stitch’s width in this machine as well. You can select the maximum stitch length, which is 7mm, and the maximum stitch width is 4mm.

The Brother ST371HD comes with a nonstick foot to control tricky fabrics while stitching including leather, suede, and vinyl. It moves smoothly all over the fabric’s surface and makes sure an error less feeding. Besides, when you purchase 6 different foot designs are provided and you can attach them according to your design needs.

This sewing machine comes with a bright LED light which is intended for the stitching table. The light has an unmatchable lifetime so you don’t need to think of replacing it for a number of years.

Nothing is perfect in this world the same thing happen with this machine as well. This machine’s buttonholes are in just 1 step but once you use it, it won’t stop at the last moment. But it is just a matter of assistance you need to be concentrate while using it.

Reasonable Price

The Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine presents heaps of features with reasonable price. It comes with 37 built-in stitches to perform a large number of works. It also contains an automatic needle threader that saves your valuable time and guards you against useless hassle. While you are purchasing this product you will get some useful accessories including needles, spool caps, and an instruction guide DVD.


  • A wide range of built-in stitch selection to decide
  • Individual dials make the purchase it a convenient
  • It has jam resistant Drop-in top bobbin


  • The 1-step buttonhole process is complicated

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Why is a Heavy Duty Machine Necessary?

Let me help you to clear it. Not every person passionate about sewing requires a heavy duty sewing machine. Maybe all of you don’t need to buy a heavy duty machine but after owning this machine, everybody can be benefited from it. The best heavy duty machines are specially built for professionals and these come with industrial strength characteristics.

  • If you have a fashion house or want to make a custom-designed outfit for your family on a regular basis, or possibly choose to craft clothing items for sale on the internet or in your own shop then you must have a sewing machine like these.
  • A heavy duty machine is also essential for the sewers who do not want to fret over long-term investments on their sewing projects. Compared to standard sewing machines, a heavy duty machine ultimately needs less maintenance and it can take absorb most of your pressure, keeping you stress-free.
  • If you are a regular but not very frequent sewer, then this type of sewing machine can be the last and best sewing machine you have ever need to buy.

For these reasons, you should look for a good heavy duty machine that will take care of your needs. The following reviews may be of assistance in your search. You’ll be able to see all the features straight away along with the advantages that each sewing machine has and then compare them to your own needs. Find out works best for you and then make your purchase.


Advantages of Owning a Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

You should go for a machine that will provide you with a steady sewing environment. For example, you can go for one which will give a lesser amount of missed stitches since your machine will remain within its mark. It also means you will be frequently having more stainless steel components in your sewing machine along with brass parts ensuring longevity and endurance, as against plastic components.

You can also be assured of gaining sewing experience speedily. A lot of heavy duty machines can cut through multiple layers of cloth fast so you can easily make quilts, blankets, or custom purses. In spite of being strong and well-built, they can be quite delicate.

While you are using a heavy duty machine, you can get sewing done at the spur of the moment too, if needed. These are strong machines and can be used for years, even if you used every day for hours.

These machines are inflexible, but most of them have a flexible arm which allows for custom styling too. This is how you can conclude any job in the shortest timeframe.


5 Things to Consider Before Buying Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

The heavy duty machines also come in different styles like all other classes of a sewing machine. You must notice that standard sewing machines are the ones that are usually bought and this is why the reviews are important because they rule all our reviews.


This heavy-duty equipment will give you reliable results for all kinds of stitches and some of them can give you 600 distinctive stitches, at the simple press of a button.


The ideal option in this class, however, could be a serger sewing machine. These machines have different formats that allow you to create strong, fairly stretchable seams to maintain your curtains, clothes and other items for a long time. You’ll have a long-lasting sewing machine and durable products as a result of it.


A heavy duty embroidery machine may need a lot of capital, will give high-quality results. With a wide range of frames and designs that you can personalize with for each stitch, you can make something that looks like has been completely hand-stitched in a portion of the time. This means your quilting task will be taken to the next level and you can still use your machine to attach the different squares and stitching you may need a custom look for your quilt.


When it is time to the select of the best heavy duty sewing machine, then I must say it varies. It varies depending on various factors including the choice of the customer, the budget which he or she is ready to spend and lastly comes the features which they want to have their best product. So when we’ve picked some of the best products from this category, you can choose any one of them as per your requirements. All of them are highest in quality so once you make your decision to this purchase; you don’t have to go near another sewing machine to find another option.


There are mainly a great variety of heavy duty sewing machines that are appropriate to the types of projects you plan to create in 2018. You can decide on the best one based on your budget and the functions and features that it can offer. You will also wish to select one that can grow with you as your expertise level grow so you will be able to take over extra challenging projects with no difficulty. There are lots of sewing machines on the market. So it must be a tough job to find one that will be best to fulfill all your needs.


We believe that our list of the best sewing machines for all level sewers have cleared the all of the confusion and made their choice ideal. Each product on this list is highly recommended. We have tested all models and reviewed each these personally. So before making a buying decision than picking a machine, you need to make sure its features fit all of your specific needs.


  1. Consider the equipment’s size, model, attachments and capabilities before making a final decision. There might be more than one option that might suit your needs, so conduct a thorough research.

  2. It seems very nice. I think I need to try these heavy duty embroidery machine. What is the maximum RPM do they have in these small embroidery machines? Because I need a machine which is very faster but better quality.
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