The 7 Best Sewing Machine under $100 | Watch on a Budget
Saturday , December 15 2018
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Best Sewing Machine Under $100

The 7 Best Sewing Machine Under $100 | Watch on a Budget

You are a beginner and maybe you are thinking to buy a good quality budget sewing machine under $100, right? Don’t worry you are on right track and I can assure you that there are plenty of options for good quality sewing machines under 100. Here I have discussed the Best Sewing Machine Under $100 available in the market right now.

Maybe you are an entry level sewer or you are a little bit knowledgeable about sewing stuff but you want to start, no matter what the reasons are but my this post will help you to find the perfect best budget-friendly sewing machine under $100.

Besides, if you have knowledge of stitching and you need a sewing machine under $100 then keep reading and hope you will get your desired one with all your requirements you are looking for.

While you are going to get a start as a beginner then you badly need a machine which is really simple, reliable and easy to use.

The question is on a low budget like 100 dollars will you get all the requirements that you need? Let’s continue to find the best one.

A high-quality heavy duty machine can last for decades and it will offer you heaps of features but you might need this after gathering some experience until then you should go for an easy and simple budget sewing machine. I think that would be a smart decision for you as a beginner.

Now the question is which models are best for beginners? There are lots of options to choose. We have picked the best 7 sewing machines for beginners based on performance, customers’ reviews and price.

All of the models we have picked under $100 all are reliable and perfect for beginners which are the best sewing machine under $100.

The machines we have selected are perfect for home sewing or you can buy one if you are very fancy of sewing and you want to begin then these machines are best for you to learn.

If you are intermediate level sewers or an expert and you are planning to buy a sewing machine for professional use then you also can check our 8 best sewing machines article if you want to check that out.

If you think globally, a sewing machine has developed into a hugely used device for skilled sewers and at the same time for home sewers as well.

It is not hard to spot why these machines are appreciated while they are quite multipurpose, long lasting and completely durable. On the other hand, a sewing machine can be a great equipment to utilize at home and they are long-lasting as well.

The main purpose of the sewing machine is to stitch simultaneously materials such as quilting, fabric to create bed cover, cushions, duvet covers, clothing or curtains. The clothing can be sewn together using built-in stitches automatically by the machine. A sewing machine you can be used in a variety way of tasks and are very much required after with leisure pursuit and craft specialists too.

If you need a sewing machine on a low budget then this a perfect guide to help you to find your desired machine.

Though many of you can think this is not possible, under $100 a good quality machine just can be a dream. No, that is not right and I am here to prove you wrong. In the market, there are lots of budgets machines with great deals and these make your life easier than before.

If you look around you by searching the internet you will find there are so many options for nice sewing machines at a reasonable price even under $ 100 too.


Things to Consider While Buying a Machine under $100


You are looking for a budget machine that means you are an entry level sewer which is really amazing and you are going to get started with a wonderful world of sewing.

Recent trendy sewing machines are available in all price ranges, sizes, and various features.

Number of built-in Stitches

Now a day recent all most all sewing machines have lots of built-in stitches. Well, don’t be very excited because most of them are not very useful. For all type of projects you mainly need straight stitches and sometime you may need zigzag stitches. Most of the sewing machines under $100 come with only a few built-in stitches but it doesn’t mean that they are not good in quality.

This Machine is Going to be Used for What Kind of Projects

If you are beginning level sewers who need a decent machine to hem or repair or make some home projects with lightweight fabric, then the ranges of sewing machines under $100 will be excellent for you.

But if you are thinking to do some large projects or want to sew leather products or jeans, and heavy things like quilting or making curtains then you might need a higher budget to buy a heavy duty machine.

The lightweight machines can’t take too much pressure of your large projects. If you try to do then it will break down or damage.

You are Interested in Mechanical or Computerized Machine

There is no specific machine among these two types that you can say which machine is best? It will depend on your preference. When I started sewing I preferred the computerized machine because I liked its ease of use. By selecting stitches just with a touch of a button and the LCD display. Similarly, when I started using a mechanical machine I realized both types of machines are great. The mechanical machines contain just a simple dial to select the stitches and no LCD display.

So if you are an entry level sewer and you want to buy a sewing machine then you must try a machine under $100 to start your sewing world. After becoming an expert you can update a bit higher price range one later.

Here is the list of Sewing Machines that I have picked to help you to find the best one of your choice.


Best Sewing Machines under $100 comparisons Chart

Brother XM2701 Lightweight

Brother XM 2701 is a lightweight, stylish machine and it is also easy to use. We already know that there are plenty of best sewing machines in the market manufactured by Brother Company. So they have created all type of sewing machines for all type customers like entry levels, intermediate levels, and experts level as well. The price ranges also vary from model to model, machine to machine and their features.

Now we are here going to take about those machines which are under $100. Like all the price range Brother has the best sewing machine under this price tag.

XM2701 is the best machine for the beginners and the intermediate level sewers as well. This is a lightweight machine and perfect for home use only. It has 27 built-in stitches pattern so you can change one pattern to another very easily with the help of the knob.

Brother XM 2701 has plenty of features to buy with this range. It has another unique option that is a heavy stitch selector that offers you the option to select perfect stitch pattern as you required for your task.

It also comes with the automatic needle threader that represents easy threading and makes the sewing enjoyable.

One more additional feature that I like about Brother XM2701 has built-in threader. Maybe for the beginners, it cannot be an easy task but there is nothing to worry about for beginners with this machine I think.

Besides, it features with automatic one-step buttonholes which is another important feature to make buttonholes easily just in one step. I must say this is an advanced machine with full of features in this price range which will never disappoint you.

This Machine comes with a user manual guide and an instructional DVD that includes all the details information about the sewing machine which can help you to understand the machine part by part properly.

It has another feature that it is jam resistant top drop-in bobbin system which always goes smoothly so you will never face any difficulty.

The LED light of the machine lights up work area brightly and help you to sew even you are working in a low light area.

The amazing thing about the XM2701 machine is that it’s very easy to use, and while you are new in the sewing world as a beginner, it is the most important thing.

The automatic needle threader, the drop-in bobbin system all ensure quality stitches all the time.

The front panel design of the machine added some stylishness and individuality to the machine. So your daughter will love it.

This is the most reasonable priced best sewing machine ever. If you buy this machine surely you will love it.

Brother XM2701 Lightweight

Check the price on Amazon


Singer 1304 Start Free ArmHandy

The singer is another famous brand for sewing machine industry and it is also a quite old company. They have heaps of great sewing machines in the variety of price range

If you really love Singer Company like me and you are a beginner, you want to buy a sewing machine under $100 then Singer 1304 can be the best option for you.

The Singer 1304 Start Free Arm Sewing Machine has 6 built-in stitches which can help you to get the perfect stitch you want according to your requirements.

It has 4 step buttonholes so you can design your button easily if you buy this Singer 1304 sewing machine.

I am sharing my opinion that personally, I like the Singer sewing machine a lot. And this precise model of Singer is an excellent choice for the beginner and is highly reliable. You can use it at home for personal stitching or with the help of a skilled sewer.

The Sewing Machine includes 6 stitches that are built-in, making it a good option. By using all these built-in stitches you can complete your projects easily and it saves your time.

One more outstanding attribute that the Singer 1304 provides is its automatic thread controller, capable of exercising full control over the tension in the threads and provides you with some very fine stitches. This makes it ideal for beginners who just entered the sewing world and don’t have much knowledge about controlling it.

Other free accessories include a snap-on presser foot.

This Sewing Machine is easily portable and pretty good in size and design. You can fit it in a small area.

If you have dim lighting in your work area then you don’t need to worry about it because it illuminates your work surface with the LED light.

It has zipper feet and a 4-step buttonhole foot. It also has a darning plate and a small build up brush for the purpose of tidying up while working on the machine. Moreover, 2 spool pin felts and a needle plate screwdriver are also included with this machine.

It has lots of features to fall in love. Its automatic Bobbin System, Built-in Free Arm, and lightweight are all these features that make the machine superior.

It can do your advance works along with the basic sewing. By using its free arm system you can sew cuffs and collars very easily. To make a free arm you can move the accessories from the storage compartment.


Singer 1304 Start Free ArmHandy

Check the price on Amazon


SINGER 2259 Tradition 19-Stitch

The singer is a popular Brand and the 2259 19- stitch Tradition machine is a compact small entry-level sewing machine. It can do all the basics you need such as straight and zigzag stitching very smoothly and nicely. Singer designed a user-friendly machine and layout which is easy to get used to for anyone who ever used a sewing machine earlier.

So far it is an efficient and dependable machine. The Singer 2259 Tradition Easy-to-Use Free-Arm 19-Stitch Sewing Machine not only a good price but also a good quality machine with its great performance on multi-task.

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The machine comes with plenty of features and first comes about the 19 built-in stitches with 1 completely automatic and 4-step buttonhole that maintain your creativity and can make the job quickly.

The features of four Snap-On presser feet, the adjustable stitch length, and the zigzag width allow you to get the unique and exceptional feeling on your tasks. The stitch selection is an easy task and threading as well.

In this machine, feet are functional such as the buttonhole foot, the zipper foot, the button sewing foot and the automatic bobbin winding. This sewing machine also includes multiple needle positions; it has adjustable tension, an automatic pressure foot control, and a high presser foot lifter.

It has a heavy-duty metal body which gives the machine sustainability and long lasting ability. This is a lightweight machine and easy to move.

The feature of snap-on presser feet makes stuff little bit easier, and you will get 4 of them. Though I have a fascination by the Singer’s products especially on sewing machines but the ability of this machine to sew heavy fabrics is not very well and you are not really going to expect too much from this sewing machine in this price range.

Besides you can select simple stitches just with a dial. The 19 stitches are divided into 6 core stitches, 8 decorative stitches, 1 automatic 4-step buttonholer and 4 stretch stitches. That is a good collection to cover all the basics sewing task.


SINGER 2259 Tradition 19-Stitch

Check the price on Amazon


Janome Graceful Gray Basic

The Janome Graceful Gray Basic is a colorful good looking, portable and compact sewing machine which is available in 9 different colors. It is an easily portable machine perfect for home use or traveling as well.

It can be perfect for beginners, experienced and young sewers. You can cover your entire home sewing task with this sewing machine including hemming, stitching, paper crafting, appliqué, zipper inserting and many more.

It is one of the best machines for entry-level sewers at an affordable price. It is not like other heavy duty machine or industrial machine. This machine is perfect for passionate sewers who love to sew occasionally or the basic sewing.

This machine features 15 built-in stitches pattern including straight and zigzag style stitching.

It also has the free arm which helps to do sleeves, collar and make the project easier and time-saving.

This machine is lightweight, strong and long lasting but not for heavy duty. This machine comes with the number of stitches which is perfect for all basic and required stitches such as straight, decorative, and zigzag.

It also features 3 different width options if you want to select between wider stitches.

The machine presents an easy top load bobbin system which contains a push-pull bobbin winder. With the help of this, you can thread faster. It is perfectly handy while you are porting the sewing machine from one place to another.

This machine includes more accessories like 2 additional bobbins, needle threader, and 2 additional needles. It also has a small storage compartment. The small compartment also includes the needle threader.


Janome Marine Magic Basic

Check the price on Amazon


Michley LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew

The Michley LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew multi-purpose sewing machine is a strong and good quality machine. It is a good looking machine but offers plenty of features. It is rear to find a basic looking sewing machine that will deliver high performance and smooth finishing.

There are many people who become passionate about the good-looking of a machine, in fact, that is kind of foolishness. It is simple looking and yet there is still something special to this sewing machine. You can see the quality of this machine compare to other machines.

The overall outlook for the machine is simple and nice and easy to use. The entire use knobs are designed nicely so that user can use it very easily.

The machine set up is quite easy and the price is very reasonable. This is really an amazing machine. It has double thread option the forward and the reveres sewing features of the machine are great and these make the machine easy to use.

It is really a multi-purpose machine and it can serve you everything you would be needed and some more. To setup of the machine is easy and simple anyone can use it for any purpose you have.

It is not a low-quality product at all, in fact, it’s really an incredible machine for beginners.

It comes with 8 built-in stitch patterns and it has two different speed settings so you can change the speed according to your need. If you are an entry level sewer then you can keep the speed slower moreover after becoming an expert you can make it quicker and if you already an expert then surely you can use the quicker speed.

Michley LSS-505 Lil' Sew & Sew

Check the price on Amazon


Brother XM1010

A few years earlier the company Brother introduced an amazing small entry-level sewing machine. which was very popular and currently Brother introduced another small sewing machine that is XM1010. It has 10 built-in stitches which can make your sewing pattern easier and quicker it also includes features like buttonhole, straight and blind hem stitches which cover all your basic sewing needs.

Brother xm1010 presents the mechanical and electronic innovations mixed and provides a superior performance for the is easily portable and lightweight.

It has 4 snap-on feet; they are zigzag, button sewing, zipper, and 4 step buttonhole.

This machine is a combination of plenty of useful features which make a perfect beginner sewing machine. It has a drop-in bobbin system, adjustable thread tension which helps you to control the speed of your stitches and you can get free arm as well. You can select your desired stitches by turning the dial easily.

This is a value worthy machine for its price. This machine doesn’t contain any needle threader.
This machine comes with an instruction DVD which can help you to learn how to use the machine and all formats of sewing. It also helps to know all the parts of the machine while working with the machine.This sewing machine has the creative designer advantage to fulfill all your daily sewing needs.
If you are a beginner and you are looking for a sewing machine with some features then this can be a best option to buy under $100.

Brother XM1010 Sewing Machine

Check the price on Amazon


NEX Sewing Machine Children

This is a wonderful sewing machine for kids those who want to learn sewing and some repairing task as well.

NEX comes with 12 built-in stitches, a light to help you see your work surface while sewing and a storage area. It features 4 step buttonholes so you don’t need to be worried about making buttonholes, this automatic system will help you to make buttonholes quickly. Easy portable since it has a handle to carry. You also can use batteries in case no power. It also has a thread cutter.

Though it is not mostly durable, and its price is a bit higher compared to its size, it is especially a portable machine.
This is absolutely good looking cute mini sewing machine and its weigh is less than 5lbs.

According to some reviewers, they bought this machine because they were looking for a little machine for lightweight so that they can take it with them while they are on a holiday trip or can be used for the simple task. The machine is something more than the expectation according to its size.

The reality of this machine is it is a child’s sewing machine and it is an advantage but it doesn’t mean that adult can’t use it, obviously, they can use it. It is also great for children to learn how to sew.

Additionally, we can say the best part we like of the NEX sewing machine kid-friendly and easy to use. The small size and light weight make the machine more special for kids to use.

This is a perfect sewing machine for your little one and you also can use it anywhere you want. If you need a machine for heavy duty task then you should go for little bit bigger budget but if you want something nice and cute under $100 then this is one of the best sewing machines that you are looking for. If you looking for kid-friendly sewing machines read our Best Sewing Machine For Kids.


NEX Sewing Machine Children

Check the price on Amazon


Finally, nothing is difficult; to find your desired best sewing machine under $100 is quite an easy task. If you already know that what are you looking for and what features do you need? Your budget and the machine quality, you can find the best one you are searching for. We have picked a few best budget machines after researching them. All of them are amazing in quality and features. We know expensive always doesn’t mean the best quality. Sometimes inexpensive products can be best as well.

Each of the machines from the above list is best for beginners so if you are a beginner then you can pick any of these sewing machines from the above list. All of them are easy to use and the price is affordable for all sewers. I can assure if you buy any of these machines it won’t be a wrong decision.

I hope you got enough idea now and you can choose your perfect sewing machine. Happy shopping and enjoy your sewing with your new machine!

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